Abdalla Abdulkhalik

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Theme | Drivers of the real economy
Topic | Trade
MONTH | February 2015

Discussion Focus Area:

  • The role of financial sector players (banks, capital markets, private equity) in promoting local and regional trade

  • National and county policy and investment opportunities towards diversifying Kenya’s external trade portfolio

  • Formalising Kenya’s dominant informal trade sector


According to KIPPRA, domestic trade which includes wholesale and retail activities contributes about 10 per cent to Kenya’s GDP. The sector is a significant source of job creation, accounting for approximately 16 per cent and 60 per cent of the country’s formal and informal employment, respectively. Externally, Kenya has been dominant in the export of agricultural commodities, textiles and apparel. Through enabling policies and increased investment to expand domestic, regional and international trade, there are opportunities to sustain growth of the sector.