Tim Gitonga

CEO's Profile

Theme | Redefining Banking and Finance
Topic | Building Capacity of SMEs
MONTH | May 2016

The national economic development prospects of any country are hinged on the entrepreneurial energy of vibrant SMEs.

Supporting SME growth and competitiveness is, therefore, central to the banking industry’s strategy. Banks have a holistic approach to enhancing SME competitiveness that offers solutions to address key challenges SMEs face. Key to enhancing development of SMEs is access to markets and access to finance.

Banks have developed several programs that create linkages between SMEs and large businesses. These linkages create powerful incentives for SMEs to build managerial and operational capacity. By accessing new markets more effectively, SMEs create opportunities for long-term financial sustainability which can lead to increased job creation.

CEO Chat Focus Areas:

  1. How banks support SMEs to grow and access new markets.

  2. The innovative products and services that banks have developed to support SMEs.

  3. The capacity challenges faced by SME’s that limit their access to finance.