Dan Omoro

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Theme | Redefining Banking and Finance
Topic | Pathways to Home Ownership
MONTH | September 2017

Kenya’s population is 48 million and it is anticipated to grow to 65 million by 2030, according to EuroMonitor. This population growth has created a housing shortfall of 200,000 units per year. With rapid urbanisation being witnessed on account of the devolution of Government, the building and construction sector is witnessing solid growth especially centred around infrastructure investments. Such investments have stimulated activity in the real estate and housing industry. Notwithstanding, Kenya is not meeting its Vision 2030 goal of mass producing affordable housing due to much-needed land reforms; rising cost of land; and expensive inputs. Moreover, volatile interest rates and more stringent credit standards have limited consumers’ ability to access finance.

Topic Areas

  • Understanding the mortgage product
  • Alternatives to homeownership
  • Islamic finance and Shariah-compliant mortgages