Kariuki Ngari

CEO's Profile

Theme | Credit Scores and Access to Credit
Topic | Strategies of Enhancing Enterprise Credit Worthiness
MONTH | February 2020

Discussion Focus Area:

  • Enhancing a business’s viability for credit

  • Contribution of SMEs to economic growth


There are more than 1.56 million licensed and 5.9 million unlicensed MSMEs, according to National Treasury. These businesses contribute to the employment of approximately 13 million Kenyans every year. Supporting the MSME sector to access credit is, therefore, critical to sustainable growth. One of the biggest barriers to their growth is limited access to credit.

Besides designing products to meet the needs of MSMEs, the industry, through KBA continues to work with all stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable strategies of reducing the cost of credit. These include proposals on better credit scoring models in reducing the cost of credit for SMEs, as well as, adoption of risk-based pricing models to enable good borrowers to obtain loans at a lower interest rates.