Martin Mugambi

CEO's Profile

Theme | Supporting Customers In The Coronavirus Disruption
Topic | Enhancing Financial Services Access Through Digital Platforms
MONTH | May 2020

In light of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), banking services have been disrupted. Studies have indicated that prolonged disruptions could affect economic growth in key sectors of the economy. While various monetary measures have been taken, the banking industry continues to role out industry-wide initiatives to mitigate the challenge. One of these measures is supporting customers access seamless services on online and mobile banking platforms.

Key Messages

1.Banks, through KBA continue to work with customers, offering effective and efficient digital and mobile alternatives for transactions.

2.As part of the industry’s commitment to support customers, banks have also continued to leverage on technology to ensure efficiency, besides waiving transaction costs on various channels of banking. This has aided in reducing handling of cash, significantly scaling down the risk of disease transmission through currency.

3.The industry has also been on the forefront in creating awareness about the disease through digital platforms. A notable development on this regard is the ongoing industry campaign christened #GoDigitalBanking and a number of other awareness campaigns being carried out by banks.