Alakh Kohli

CEO's Profile

Theme | Supporting Post Covid-19 Enterprise Recovery, Resilience
Topic | Harnessing Digital Banking Opportunities For Business Continuity
MONTH | May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has occasioned a wide of challenges for businesses across most sectors of the economy. Movement restrictions, in particular, have had a negative bearing on small enterprises that largely depend on physical access to clients across their diverse market niche. On the credit side, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises have had to diversify their credit revenue streams, leveraging on digital lending solutions being offered by banks in light of the Covid-19 health challenge. Previously, studies have indicated a positive nexus between access to credit through digital platforms and cashflow resilience for SMEs. Inevitably, this dimension shows the important influence of digital lending solutions on business growth. As the economy aligns to the post Covid-19 ‘new normal’, digital transacting and lending solutions will be a key driver of business success, particularly in the SME sector.