Joseph Njuguna

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Theme | ’Moveable Property Business Growth Opportunities
Topic | Intellectual Property as Possible Collateral for Youth Loans
MONTH | March 2022

Intellectual Property is among the types of collateral that can be used under the Moveable Property Registry to access credit. On the back of the rapid growth of the creative industry and ICT sector in Kenya, the need to accommodate Intellectual Property as collateral has expanded. The ICT sector has also expanded, extending Intellectual Property items that can be used as collateral.

According to a report by the British Council, Kenya’s creative sector contributes 5 percent to the national GDP, creating jobs and is a contributor to a happier and healthier lifestyle. There is no doubt that the creative industry, ICT and research have a present a great potential to banks to extend credit.

With appropriate institutional, policy and regulatory reforms among other private sector related reforms, including the utilization of the Moveable Property Registry, Intellectual Property could become a key catalyst to economic growth and development by doubling its contribution to the GDP in a sustained manner.

This edition of my Chat with a Bank CEO, therefore, aims to shed light on ways by which Intellectual Property—particularly developed by the youth— can be leveraged upon to facilitate access credit. One of the key challenges has been the informal nature of most creative enterprises, lack of sufficient business management skills, and low levels of awareness on existing opportunities of access to formal credit.